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EYL Lisbon Seminar


Building on our last European Young Leaders (EYL40) seminar in Zagreb, Saving democracy from itself, this seminar will turn the table to make the EYL40 look back at themselves as individuals, as members of communities and as voters. This seminar will focus on redefining the arts of politics; what it means to be a political start up and create a movement for positive change; the role of digital education to create active citizenship; and how we are to tackle climate change, moving beyond rhetoric towards an ecology of strategic change at all levels from supply and demand. Underpinning our discussion will be the need to recognise the current realities for vast majorities of populations in Europe and globally and the impact of inflation, interest rates and prices on their economic livelihoods.

Reflections on the dire need for constructive politics and a presentation of the findings of Friends of Europe’s Transatlantic Dialogue will allow the EYLs to reflect on the need for new science-based and citizen-centric policymaking and leadership. Over three days, the EYL40 Class of 2022 will join EYL40 alumni, senior decision-makers and key European actors to address these issues. They will once more engage in conversation with those at the core of the discussions: citizens of Lisbon and Portugal.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Pedro Szekely



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