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Most think thanks see themselves as a bridge between academia and policy-making. Friends of Europe provides the bridge between policymakers and those who experience the implementation and impact of policy making, including citizens, the business community and wider civil society. One of our virtues is our direct link to citizens and the ability to connect them in debate about the impact of policy and canvas their views on how it can or should change to improve their lives.

Our aim is to enable critical thinking and reflection on a host of issues that affect citizens’ lives and to generate greater thoughtfulness and evaluation of the policy-making process and its wider impact.

How do we do this?
We use publications, debates and online engagement as the basis for policy debate, discussion and potential change.

We provide a platform for cross sector stakeholders to share their views and thoughts on how to make policy better or to reflect on its development and its consequences. We join up the dots of policy thinking, providing thought leadership with all those who are responsible for making policy in Europe and its relationship to the wider world. Our data sources are the views of citizens, practitioners and policymakers across sectors with a view to developing recommendations for positive social change. The outcome we wish to achieve is to improve policy thinking, policy-making and policy coherence for the benefit of citizens across Europe.

Why engage in our work?

Stay one step ahead, access thought leadership on

Tap into a network that reaches high and wide

We facilitate engagement with leaders at the heart of Brussels policy making and ensure that we reach ‘beyond the bubble’, also bringing the ‘unusual suspects’ to the table at our debates.

Partner with an organisation

that is both truly European and truly global in its outlook and activities.

Leverage our longstanding experience

in taking a joined-up view across different policy areas and priorities.

Promote latest thinking

on the issues that matter to you through our dedicated fora, wide ranging activities, and via our policy journal Europe’s World.

Engage citizens globally

on these issues through our online platform Debating Europe.


We have no national or party-political bias and ensure that all viewpoints are represented in our activities and publications.

How can I get involved?

Become a member As a member of Friends of Europe, your organisation will be part of a unique multi-stakeholder network that brings diverse perspectives together to address common challenges.

Members have guaranteed access to our wide-ranging programme of activities, including our lively and interactive debates, and timely access to information and analysis on a wide range of European and global policies through our debates and insightful publications. Friends of Europe values the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders in our activities. The large variety of our membership guarantees the quality, independence and impact of our work. We have developed a variety of membership opportunities that provide organisations with a range of benefits that vary according to their level of engagement.

For more information download our Membership Description.

You can find a list of our members here.


Contact us

For more information, please contact

Natasha Ibbotson Senior Manager Membership and Partnerships at Friends of Europe +3228939824 natasha.ibbotson@friendsofeurope.org


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