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State of Europe


The State of Europe is a fixture and a highlight on the European calendar. The reason is simple: it is a place where today’s top leaders from the worlds of politics, business and civil society, from Europe and beyond, connect and offer thought leadership to influence change and the direction of Europe. Recommendations sourced from the in-depth brainstorms are picked up and influence the EU policy thinking. Since its inception, the high-level State of Europe roundtable has been held in partnership with the autumn presidency of the Council of the EU.

Bringing together sitting and former prime ministers, to CEOs, NGO leaders, ministers of state, European Commissioners, and top journalists, State of Europe offers a forum to connect, debate and develop ideas on key policy areas to develop and define Europe´s future. Friends of Europe’s vibrant and diverse network of European Young Leaders brings fresh perspective to solving Europe´s problems, while the voice of citizens is heard through our 5.5. million- strong citizen platform, Debating Europe.

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Natasha Ibbotson

Head of Memberships and Partnerships at Friends of Europe


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