10 policy choices for a Renewed Social Contract for Europe

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10 policy choices for a Renewed Social Contract for Europe


This year’s State of Europe high-level roundtable will focus all of its attention on deliberating 10 policy choices for a Renewed Social Contract for Europe that will be disseminated ahead of the 2024 European elections and ensuing new mandate. The 10 policy choices will be the result of year-long multisectoral and multi-stakeholder consultations and will take into consideration the voices and opinions of over 2,000 European citizens.

As we find ourselves in a climate emergency, rocked by severe financial shocks and debt, corruption scandals and a worsening trust deficit, lasting COVID-19 pandemic rippling effects, cost-of-living and energy crises, and soaring inflation, Europeans are preparing to vote in spring 2024 to elect the next European Parliament.

Questions of security, money, debt, hardship, conflict, corruption and elections will dominate discussions in Europe for the year to come. It is paramount that European policymakers – and shapers – extract the right lessons and build on the legacies of the current mandate.

Above all, Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to undermine European security and stability, serving as a reminder of the ongoing need for strong diplomatic and military alliances within the European and transatlantic community. This crisis – unprecedented since WWII – is the frontline in an existential conflict between western democracy and new authoritarians, the outcome of which will determine outcomes in all other areas vital to Europe.

Furthermore, while Europe is accelerating its use of renewable energy, it must continue to secure supply chains and enhance its strategic autonomy, while retaining its competitiveness.

As Friends of Europe progresses on its road towards a Renewed Social Contract for Europe by 2030, State of Europe will build on the thought leadership and conversations held in 2022 and once again provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs, politicians, legislators, corporates, civil society, citizens and thought leaders to brainstorm solutions and ways out of the current polycrisis.

The big-ticket items and trends that will demand our attention at State of Europe include:

  • Money – Are fiscal and monetary policies up to the job?
  • Debt – How do we balance public sector books? Cuts, reduced services or more loans?
  • Hardship – More welfare, price caps, skills vouchers or redesigning productivity?
  • Conflict – Tackling local frustration and populism whilst supporting the war effort – a question of values?
  • Corruption – Whose interests are we serving? Has public service gone out of the window? Can we recapture integrity and accountability?
  • Elections Where is the trust? Can we reimagine political behaviour and the purpose of politics before politicians race to the bottom for votes?

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The 2022 edition of State of Europe delivered an unequivocal message on the need for the West to maintain support for Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression and identified six policy areas that will be critical to focus on building the Renewed Social Contract. Watch the recap video below and learn more here.

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