Transatlantic Climate Dialogue: Climate tech for clean transport

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Climate, Energy & Sustainability
Transatlantic Climate Dialogue: Climate tech for clean transport


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Globally, the transport sector has the highest reliance on fossil fuels and accounts for 37% of CO2 emissions from end‐use sectors, according to the International Energy Agency. While significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, emissions resume rising as demands increases and the uptake of alternative fuels remains limited. In the context of the ongoing energy security and climate crises, scaling up clean transport solutions is more urgent than ever.

Connecting inspiring voices on both sides of the Atlantic through our Critical Thinking Live format, the Transatlantic Climate Dialogue series underlines the power of young entrepreneurs and innovators in the fight against climate change and aims to inspire citizens to take action.

The second debate in this series will be dedicated to climate tech for clean transport.

Decarbonising the transport sector is key to tackling climate change. The good news is – transport is the most heavily invested area in climate tech. In this session, we aim to shed light on various climate tech solutions of the present and of the future that enable the decarbonisation of the transport sector and exchange views on how to ensure that these technologies are scalable but also affordable, how does the future of transportation look like, and how to ensure that these new technologies do not have negative spill over effects.

This series is part of the European Young Leaders programme led by Friends of Europe that connects young leaders throughout Europe and beyond. They are trail blazers, exceptional business and civil society leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, scientists, journalists and athletes.

The EYL40 programme builds bonds across nationalities, areas of work as well as different political and ideological viewpoints, develops innovative solutions for the challenges facing our societies and promotes role models who are passionate and committed to Europe and who can inspire our citizens.

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Photo of William Bergh
William Bergh

Founder and CEO of Cling Systems (Sweden)

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William Bergh is the Founder and CEO of Cling Systems, a B2B market platform for used electric vehicle batteries. Developing a global solution to enable circular value chains of lithium-ion batteries, Cling is challenging the material extraction industry by consolidating and giving access to critical raw materials. Prior to starting Cling, Bergh developed recycling strategies and designed battery systems for recycling at Northvolt. He attended Lund University where he founded the first electric formula racing team.

Photo of Eva Romagosa
Eva Romagosa

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at BusUp (Spain)

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Eva Romagosa is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at BusUp, a mobility service provider that allows companies of all sizes to improve their employees’ daily commute by providing them with efficient, flexible and sustainable transportation services at an affordable price. BusUp aims to disrupt car commuting in greater metropolitan areas, through technology and innovation, and thus contribute to more sustainable mobility. BusUp has become a leading corporate mobility solution in Europe, United States and Latin America. In her role as CSO, Romagosa is responsible for understanding market trends and customer needs, managing the company’s branding and communication strategies, and overseeing its innovation and strategic projects.

Thibaud Febvre
Thibaud Febvre

Co-Founder and COO of Vianova (France)

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Thibaud Febvre is Vianova’s co-founder and COO, with a focus on People, Finance, Marketing and Operations. Vianova is a data platform that uses connected vehicles data to help cities and mobility operators build more efficient and sustainable transport systems. He has a Master’s degree in Data Sciences & Business Analytics from CentraleSupelec and ESSEC. Prior to Vianova he co-founded Spark Horizon, another mobility startup. He previously worked as a Product Marketing Manager at Google and as a Data Sciences Consultant at IBM.

Kevin Noertker
Kevin Noertker

Co-Founder and CEO at Ampaire (United States of America)

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Kevin Noertker is Co-founder and CEO of Ampaire. Over the past half decade, Kevin and his team at Ampaire have pioneered practical, compelling electrified flight through the upgrade of existing aircraft types. In the last years, Ampaire flew the world’s largest hybrid electric aircraft and deployed and demonstrated electrified flight with multiple airlines across the globe. To date they have flown over 20,000km hybrid electric. Prior to Ampaire, Noertker contributed engineering and program management expertise to aircraft and satellite development programs at Northrop Grumman, and as a research fellow at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. An entrepreneur at heart, Noertker is driven to apply the science and engineering disciplines of large aerospace organizations to pressing environmental problems here on Earth.



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