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As the United States and the European Union raise ambitions to reach net-zero by 2050, a whole-of-society approach is needed, involving the private sector and citizens. Connecting inspiring voices from both the EU and the US, the Transatlantic Climate Dialogue series underlines the power of innovators in the fight against climate change. A new generation of young entrepreneurs, motivated not by monetary gain but by the urgent need to fight this crisis, is emerging.

Throughout three #CriticalThinkingLive sessions and a roundtable at the European Young Leaders (EYL40) seminar in Lisbon, we gathered young innovators that are active in the climate tech space from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss the potential of their solutions and the policy support needed to scale up their activities to reach maximum impact. Technology alone cannot solve the problem of climate change but can serve as a source of inspiration, and offer citizens and communities solutions to fight climate change.

What tech solutions exist for individual climate action? How can clean tech help decarbonise the transport sector? What is climate fintech and how can it help tackle climate change? The Transatlantic Climate Dialogue series identified four key challenges – overregulation, lack of harmonisation, attention and bold climate policies – and proposed policy recommendations on the way forward.

The Transatlantic Climate Dialogue series is part of the EYL40 programme, led by Friends of Europe, that connects young leaders throughout Europe to build bonds across nationalities, areas of work, as well as different political and ideological viewpoints.

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