With just one month to go until the European elections, Friends of Europe would like to take this opportunity to remind readers about two exciting projects we are running in the lead-up to the elections.  
- 13:00
- 13:00
Countering disinformation
- 19:00
- 16:45
- 13:15
The Future of European Security
- 18:00
Africa transforming
- 21:30
Learning from each other: The SDGs’ successes and failures
- 19:00
Italy and the future of Mediterranean defence – Report launch
European Young Leaders (EYL40)
London, 14 March 2019 – Brexit and climate change dominated the programme on the first day of the European Young Leaders seminar in London held Friday as the House of Commons prepared for a key vote on Britain’s departure from the European Union.
15 Mar 2019