Global flows - migration and security

Discussion Paper

Migration is top of the global agenda – and for many politicians, policymakers and people, it is closely linked to security. The debate on migration and security is complex and multi-faceted. It is also often based on misleading information, unjustified fears and coloured by clichés and prejudices.

In the face of this often corrosive global debate, the priority in Europe and elsewhere must be on ensuring better management of migration flows and preparing the public for the continued arrival of – and the need for – migrants. This demands the introduction of legal and safe pathways for the entry of migrants, better and more flexible trade and aid policies for the development of Africa and improved international coordination on issues linked to migration. It is an incontrovertible truth that migration provides a net benefit to countries across the globe in terms of both economics and demography; these countries will need to develop a new, more heroic migration narrative in which diversity is lauded and living together is not only viewed as necessary, but also embraced.

This discussion paper takes a look at some of the key challenges facing global policymakers as they seek to craft a modern-day migration policy which meets some of the most compelling security concerns while also tackling many countries’ longer-term need for migrants. Our many contributors offer their views and suggestions for a more realistic and credible worldwide migration policy, their thoughts on the migration-security link and their experiences in different parts of the world.

In demonstrating the link between migration and security issues, this publication contributes also to Friends of Europe’s Migration Action work. The topics and views presented are by no means exhaustive, but serve to present a snapshot of the global migration-security nexus. At a time when the story of migration remains a toxic one, these viewpoints help to debunk key myths and misperceptions and make a constructive and stimulating contribution to the ongoing conversation on migration and security.

The publication’s three sections include:
Part 1: The European response
Part 2: On the ground
Part 3: Cross-cutting themes

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