Ukraine should join NATO: an Oxford-style debate at the College of Europe

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Peace, Security & Defence
Ukraine should join NATO: an Oxford-style debate at the College of Europe


The ongoing aggression by Russia against Ukraine, as well as successful Ukrainian defence and resilience, are leading Western officials to rethink the future of European security architecture. With Europe and North America coming together to support Ukraine, NATO has gained strength and prominence as a key security actor in the Euro-Atlantic area for the years to come, especially following the applications of Sweden and Finland to join the alliance.

Ukraine itself applied to join NATO through its fast-track process in early October. While many central and eastern European countries support this move, several western European governments appear more measured towards such an initiative from Kyiv.

To engage young students with an interest in security and defence matters and to get a sense of the issues and perspectives from future foreign policy professionals on this critical geopolitical issue, Friends of Europe is holding an Oxford-style debate at the College of Europe on the proposition of whether Ukraine should join NATO.

The debate is a part of Friends of Europe’s annual high-level Peace, Security and Defence Summit that takes place on 17 November 2022 in Brussels.

This event will take place in Bruges, Belgium. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, and join the #SecuritySummit discussion!



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Krystal Gaillard
Krystal Gaillard

Programme Executive at Friends of Europe

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Krystal is the Programme Executive at Friends of Europe responsible for the European Young Leader (EYL40) programme. She is also a member of the Women in International Security (WIIS Brussels) steering committee, where she is also a mentor. She previously worked for the Peace, Security and Defence programme at Friends of Europe. She has also held several roles as a freelance researcher (West African peace and development) and assistant researcher (political participation and diversity) and consults for various organisation working on African policy and governance.

Photo of Juraj Majcin
Juraj Majcin

Programme Manager for Peace, Security & Defence at Friends of Europe and Multilateral Advisor at the Extended Reality Safety Initiative (XRSI)

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Juraj Majcin is the Programme Manager for Peace, Security & Defence. Prior to joining Friends of Europe, Juraj worked on multiple policy research projects on digital governance and security at the World Economic Forum and Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF). As a teaching assistant at the Geneva Graduate Institute, Juraj supervised Capstone research projects on international development and multilateral cooperation. He has also diplomatic experience thanks to his work for the Permanent Mission of Slovakia to the UN Office in Geneva, representing his country at the Human Rights Council. He holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Geneva and MA/LLM in International Law from the Geneva Graduate Institute. Juraj loves books, travelling, running and cross-country skiing. He speaks his native Slovak, English and French, and is a citizen of Slovakia.



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