Shaping Europe's future: how to engage Europe's youth in the 2024 European Parliament elections?

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The European Parliament elections on 6-9 June 2024 will reveal what Europe citizens want. Debating Europe, the citizens’ engagement and democracy unit of Friends of Europe, will host a panel debate on what to expect from the upcoming European elections. 

We will put hard-hitting questions to a selection of campaign managers from the European Parliament political groups:

  • How will the young generations’ vote influence the outcome of the election?
  • How will they motivate young people to vote, especially first-time voters (starting from 16 years old in some countries)?
  • Trust in the outcome of the elections is often seen as an issue, especially amongst Europe’s youth. Can we expect greater transparency in the leadership contest for the role of the European Commission President?
  • Can participatory and deliberative exercises, such as the Conference on the Future of Europe, regenerate representative democracies and influence the election campaigns? 

The social contract is a tacit pact between members of a society that sets out their common values and what’s expected of each other. The European Parliament elections are an important milestone in kickstarting a Renewed Social Contract between citizens and the European Union.

This event will take place on an online platform upon registration. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, and join the #FoEDebate!

Our events include photos, audio and video recording that we might use for promotional purposes. By registering, you give your permission to use your image. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

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Photo of Prerna Humpal​
Prerna Humpal​

Editor-in-Chief of Debating Europe

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Prerna is responsible for the editorial production and coordination of citizen’s engagement activities. She is a trained journalist with a wealth of experience managing campaigns and communication teams for Amnesty International, Eurochild and the European External Action Service. Prerna holds an MPhil International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She is fluent in English, Hindi and has a good knowledge of French.



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