Hybrid warfare readiness: a tabletop exercise

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Hybrid Warfare Readiness – A tabletop exercise


Friends of Europe‘s new flagship project ‘Hybrid Warfare Readiness’ is a group simulation tabletop exercise involving international actors from both the private and public sectors. The exercise is aimed at strengthening public-private sector cooperation in hybrid crises. Participants will have to deliberate on how to proceed when faced with a series of hostile hybrid campaigns directed against large portions of Europe’s economy and security. The tabletop exercise will bring together some 30 senior decision-makers including representatives from the EU, national governments, the private sector, and NATO.

The purpose of this exercise is to explore how governments, institutions and the private sector work together during a hybrid threat crisis. Friends of Europe will summarise the key takeaways of the exercise and produce recommendations to improve cooperation among the key actors affected by a hybrid crisis.

The exercise will be held behind closed doors. The outcomes and key recommendations will be widely distributed.


Participants include

Stefanie Babst

Head, Strategic Analysis Capability, Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Jean Backhus

Hybrid Threats Officer, International Military Staff (IMS), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Knud Bartels

Former Chairman, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military Committee (MC), former Chief of Defence, Denmark

Piers Cazalet

Deputy Spokesperson, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Pierre Cleostrate

Senior Expert, Secretariat of the Task Force on Security Union, European Commission Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Former NATO Secretary General, former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs (2002-2003), Pieter Kooijmans Chair for Peace, Law and Security at Leiden University, President of the Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs, The Netherlands

Kostas Dervenis

Cyber-security expert, corporate professional and author.

Espen Barth Eide

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Minister of Defence, First Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment, National Parliament, Norway

Christian Fjader

Director for Policy and Planning, National Emergency Supply Agency, Finland

Vilmos Hamikus

Head, Hybrid Threats, Service of Deputy Secretary General CSDP and crisis response, European External Action Service (EEAS)

Christer E. Hammarlund

Cybersecurity and Defence Officer, European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (CNECT)

Jonathan Toby Harris

Member, House of Lords, National Security Strategy Joint Committee, United Kingdom

Kimmo Kohvakka

Director General for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior, Finland's representative to NATO's Civil Emergency Planning Committee in DG format, Finland

Paul Leonhardt

Member, Steering Group Strategic Communication, Federal Foreign Office, Germany

John Maas

Former Senior Military Adviser to the Managing Director CSDP, European External Action Service (EEAS)

Sarah MacIntosh

Permanent Representative, Joint Delegation of the United Kingdom to NATO

Pauline Neville-Jones

Member, House of Lords, , National Security Strategy Joint Committee, former Minister of State, United Kingdom

Sera Orzel Gaeta

Branch Head for Civil Military Interaction, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)

Rando Paurson

Counsellor of Crisis Management Department, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia

Wayne C. Raabe

Director of Interagency Partnering, U.S. European Command (USEUCOM), Germany

Clare Roberts

Senior Policy Coordinator for Hybrid Warfare/Resilience, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Operations Division (OPS)

Burcu San

Head of Section, Operational Preparedness, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Operations Division (OPS)

Jamie Shea

Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges at NATO (2010-2018)

Koen Verdoodt

Section Head of the Operations Support Section, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) International Military Staff (IMS)

PHOTO CREDIT: Bigstock/Rost-9


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