Running out of space: European security in space

European Defence Studies

Peace, Security & Defence

Picture of Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

Senior Fellow for Peace, Security and Defence at Friends of Europe

The world is running out of space, and Europe is running out of time to help fix this conundrum

Increasingly congested and contested, space has quickly become a vital domain for developing European strategic autonomy. The EU needs to change gear rapidly to remain a major player in the commercial and security space environment.

Friends of Europe’s latest report, authored by Senior Fellow and journalist Paul Taylor, explores how Europe can build resilience in space, advance international governance to preserve space as a global common, and develop a common strategic culture to protect its own interests in the geopolitics of space.

Informed by interviews with current and former officials in governments, international organisations, the military, space agencies, the commercial space sector, academia and civil society in Europe, the US and Asia, this publication offers a series of recommendations on what Europeans need to do to protect their common security interests and derive maximum benefit from space.

The study is the tenth in the European Defence Cooperation series, following nine similar studies on France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, transatlantic defence cooperation, the Arctic, the Sahel and the Black Sea.

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