Europe's world issue 34


Picture of Giles Merritt
Giles Merritt

Founder of Friends of Europe

Unity in Diversity’ is the European Union’s motto, but Europe today isn’t very united. While our societies are increasingly diverse, ensuring this diversity is reflected in government, policymaking, business and other sectors is still a challenge. However, given the multitude of crises we face, Europe needs to hear the voice, concerns and priorities of all of its citizens.

This special edition of Europe’s World written exclusively by women about the key issues on the EU and global agenda is a celebration of Europe’s diversity. It is not an edition just about women, or just for women. We want to showcase an obvious reality: women have the expertise and knowledge to contribute to all areas of life.

More than 30 leading women have contributed to this issue, bringing forward their insights on issues ranging from geopolitics, to the economy, to climate change and technology. The brutality of the war in Syria and its human consequences are set out in a series of articles, and populism and its impact on politics as one of the defining issues of our age are also featured in this issue.

  • In this issue
    * A woman’s place is in politics, by Silvana Koch-Mehrin
    * Breaking down barriers: my journey to the European Parliament presidential election, by Helga Stevens
    * Progress made on women in science – but much still to do, by Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin
    * A reforming president in France can trigger reforms in Europe, by Sylvie Goulard
    * Europe’s environmental challenges dwarf its Brexit troubles, by Magda Stoczkiewicz
    * Climate change is a feminist issue, by Linnea Engström
    * Building a bridge between powerlessness and hope, by Tanja Gönner
    * We must avoid losing the talents of a generation of refugee students, by Valerie Amos
    * Cultural convergence is the key to EU‑Maghreb relations, by Assia Bensalah Alaoui
    * Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat that needs global action – now, by Francesca Colombo
    * Europe should give meaning to the rule of law online, by Marietje Schaake
    * We must tackle long‑term job insecurity, not just the excesses of the ‘gig economy’, by Sandra Polaski
    * Digital technologies can be a 21st‑century game‑changer for women, by Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke
    * Is there such a thing as feminist foreign policy?, by Melanne Verveer
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