Quarterly security briefing #3

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Quarterly security briefing #3


Quarterly security briefing #3



The increasing pace of change in international security makes the ability to schedule debriefings quickly to react to current affairs an important tool for central players on peace, security and defence issues. The aim of Friends of Europe’s quarterly security briefings is to react and clarify topical issues at regular intervals and immediately after. Our briefings reinforce a security community in Brussels that meets regularly to discuss key challenges to security.

Our third quarterly security briefing will address the results and outcomes of the NATO Defence Ministerial Meeting, taking place on October 23-24 in Brussels. This briefing will offer an opportunity to clarify, discuss and evaluate key topical issues regarding the future cooperation on European and transatlantic defence and security.

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Our third quarterly security briefing will take place right after the NATO Defence Ministerial Meeting. Following Turkey’s military operation in Syria, many international partners have repeatedly voiced their concerns over potential repercussions, including NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. What can be the prospects for stability in the border region between Turkey and Syria? Moreover, the current situation in the Gulf of Aden and the increasing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran could lead to an escalation affecting the whole region and beyond. What role can NATO play to prevent further escalation? In addition, new hybrid threats such as increased disinformation, cyber-attacks, or the deployment of irregular armed groups pose challenges to NATO’s security. What is NATO’s strategy to keep up an effective cyber defence and to fight targeted disinformation? Furthermore, we will examine what will be on the agenda for the NATO Summit in London in December.

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Jamie Shea

Senior Fellow for Peace, Security and Defense at Friends of Europe, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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Retiring from NATO in September 2018 after 38 years at the organisation, Jamie Shea has occupied a number of senior positions at NATO across a wide range of areas, including external relations, press and media, and policy planning. As NATO’s spokesperson, he was the face of the Alliance during the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts. He later worked as the Director of Policy Planning in the private office of former Secretary General Rasmussen during the preparation of NATO’s 2010 Strategic Concept. Shea is also a regular lecturer and conference speaker on NATO and European security affairs.



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