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History has taught us that major crises create opportunities and platforms for accelerating social, economic and political change. Changing global dynamics – from the climate crisis to recovery from the 2020 Corona pandemic – have exposed the lack of resilience in the fundamentals of life (water, food, health, energy) and the urgency to reimagine our common future as Africa and Europe. It is time to build a new foundation for Africa-Europe relations.

“Africa Europe Days”, from 2nd to 9th December 2020, represent an inspiring programme of virtual dialogues and an innovative platform of platforms to move debate into action and speed up the impact and reach of the Africa-Europe partnership. The week-long programme, curated by Friends of Europe and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation together with a consortium of partners, will feature:

  • Launch of the Africa Europe Foundation Strategy Groups and multi-stakeholder platforms on Digital, Agriculture, Energy, Transport and Connectivity, plus Health.
  • Global policy debates with representatives of the development community to share ideas and experiences that inspire innovative solutions and leverage joint partnership action.
  • Launch of the pioneering “High-Level Report on the Africa Europe Climate Alliance” and meeting of the High-Level Group of Personalities on Africa-Europe Relations (HLG).

The “Africa Europe Days” is timed to take place on the eve of an Africa-EU Leaders’ Meeting with Heads of State (9 December) and in the lead-up to what will be a landmark year for Africa-Europe relations (6th Summit between the African Union and the EU, Africa-EU partnership in multilateral fora including COP-26, the UN Summit on Food Systems, UN high-level dialogue on Sustainable Energy, Global Health Summit).

Moving from “Debate into Action”

In the run-up to the week-long programme, many hundreds of practitioners and leaders from civil society and the youth sector as well as business and politics from across Africa and Europe have participated in shaping the agenda through the following the series of “Debating Africa EU” virtual dialogues:

An outline of the “Africa Europe Days” programme from 2 to 9 December 2020 including the in-focus days and the cross-cutting, transversal themes.

The programme is bookended by the meeting of the High-Level Group of Personalities on Africa- Europe Relations (Wednesday 2nd December) and the launch of the HLG Report on an Africa Europe Climate Alliance and the EU-Africa Leaders’ Meeting (Wednesday 9th December).



Global Policy Forum – Accelerating Sustainable Energy for All: Africa-Europe relations post-COVID and in the face of the climate emergency
Africa Europe Strategy Group on Energy – Inception Meeting
Launch of the Africa-Europe Foundation - Meeting of the High-Level Group of Personalities on Africa-Europe Relations
Continue to 3 Dec
Africa Europe Strategy Group on Agriculture – Inception Meeting
Global Policy Forum - Towards the 2021 UN Summit on Food Systems: An enhanced Africa-Europe partnership on sustainable agriculture
Continue to 4 Dec
Global Policy Forum – Strengthening State Capacity: Improving Growth through Connectivity
Africa Europe Strategy Group on Transport– Inception Meeting
Continue to 7 Dec
Africa Europe Strategy Group on Health – Inception Meeting
Launch – “EU for health security in Africa” with the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) and Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ACDC), supported by the European Commission
Continue to 8 Dec
Africa Europe Strategy Group on Digital – Inception Meeting
Launch of the “Digital for Development (D4D) hub and the African-European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB), supported by the European Commission.
Continue to 9 Dec
Strategic Conversation with Nigel Topping: ‘Africa, Europe and the road to COP-26’
Global launch of “the High-Level Group Report on the Africa Europe Climate Alliance”
Africa-EU Leaders Meeting


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