Europe's World issue 35


Cities are doing it for themselves

Security and global challenges, migration, democracy and fair societies – what is the way forward?

This issue of Europe’s World takes a hard look at some of the current European and global challenges. From universal income to electronic voting and climate policies, the authors of this issue propose solutions and provide ideas to resolve some of the biggest problems of our time.

This was the final print issue of Europe’s World to be published. The journal has continued to be a highly respected online platform for debate on the issues that shape EU countries’ place in the world.


In this issue
* Economic policies are vital in fight against growing cybersecurity threat, by Claudia Biancotti
* Basic income: not a panacea but a step towards a new social contract, by Heikki Hiilamo
* The EU must invest in children for a better world, by Helle Thorning-Schmidt
* Culture change and law enforcement needed to make India safer for women, by Shruti Kapoor
* Let’s bring back the village with urban innovation hubs, by Udo Schloemer
* Facing the challenge of rapid urbanisation in Africa, by Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi
* Making our Planet Great Again: how the EU should navigate the new US climate landscape, by Erik Brattberg and David Livingston
* Why islands watch the European refugee crisis with concern, by Ronald Jumeau and Leisha Bradmore
* Technology and citizen participation will restore trust in democracy, by Mark Malloch-Brown
* Brexit negotiatiors should consider global impact, by Fu Jing

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