Towards Agenda 2030 in the Euro-Mediterranean: mitigating the impact of Covid-19

Policy Briefing

“In general, all the 24 Mediterranean countries are far from achieving the SDGs and must improve their performance.”

The pandemic has presented a significant setback for ambitions to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Immediate action is needed if the region is to sustain past achievements and overcome obstacles for further progression.

Published in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation, this policy brief explores the advancement of Agenda 2030 efforts in the Euro-Mediterranean region, particularly in the context of SDGs 17 and 4 – progress through partnerships and education.

Covid-19 recovery in the region has the opportunity to reshape the framework for development and restructure the foundations of educational systems through investments in digitalisation and education, alongside localised problem-solving and intercultural dialogue. Sustained and enhanced international collaboration will be key to strengthening resilience in line with the green and digital transitions, while simultaneously working towards the longer-term ambitions of Agenda 2030.

This publication is informed by conclusions drawn from an online debate, hosted by Friends of Europe and the Anna Lindh Foundation, on the alignment of regional recovery from Covid-19 and fulfilment of the SDGs, in consultation with the findings of the 2020 Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Report and the Intercultural Trends Survey 2020.

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