Shaping an EU citizens' "Mandate for Change"

“These ideas provide a toolbox for a coalition government in Europe which should reignite the magic of the Delors years” – Pascal Lamy

How can the EU better demonstrate its relevance and its flexibility in our changing world?

This latest publication, authored by Friends of Europe Trustee Pascal Lamy and Director of Insights Dharmendra Kanani, proposes 11 big ideas to trigger the discussions needed to answer this question.

They are formulated in response to what 11,000 EU citizens told us about what is important to them, and will be presented today to Members of the European Parliament. Our objective is simple – to mobilise a coalition of the willing united by their belief that #EuropeMatters and to together ensure that Europe is better prepared to take strategic action to align the future we face with the future we want.

Pascal Lamy: “European citizens want change; they want an EU that can respond to their everyday lives in terms of getting a job, feeling safe and secure and knowing that we are working to save the planet. It’s time to put the emotion back into Europe, to forge new deal – a social contract that is inclusive, about common good based on a shared sense of responsibility for nurturing prosperity, security and sustainability. It is time to remember why the EU and it values should matter now and into the future. In sum, these ideas provide the software for the European Union to matter now and into the future.”

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