Relaunching economies, galvanising values — European Young Leaders (EYL40) working group on arts and culture: 1st report

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One year into the COVID-19 pandemic and creatives across Europe face a bleak future. Most cinemas, theatres, music halls and art galleries have been shuttered for months. No one knows when the curtain will rise again for musicians and performers or when audiences can safely regather. For the nine million Europeans employed in the cultural and creative industry, endless national lockdowns bring financial pain and mental anxiety.

The European Young Leaders (EYL) Working Group on Arts and Culture was established to share and brainstorm ideas for collaborating on pan-European projects related to arts and culture, drawing on the wide range of artists, musicians, writers and cultural practitioners in the EYL network.

The Working Group on Arts and Culture met online for the first time on 24 February 2021 and welcomed European Commission officials and members of the EYL network. Against the background of a devastating pandemic, their focus was on identifying practical actions to financially preserve Europe’s creative sectors while boosting EUwide cultural exchanges.

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