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Gordon C. K. Cheung

As a regional organisation, the EU should keep its core identity and its membership limited to countries within Europe. But, to tap into and link-up with emerging regions, the EU should develop a more flexible ‘EU+’ strategy. The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is a successful example that should be used as a model to develop more multi-regional links between the EU and other parts of the world.

Throughout its external engagements, the EU should demonstrate its values are a model for global development. The EU, as one of the world’s most advanced regions, should provide a long-term strategy for aid and assistance to help developing countries conquer poverty and improve their people’s quality of life. Global organisations such as the World Bank or Asian Development Bank are either too power-orientated or suffer a lack of resources. The EU should provide a model of aid and assistance to be emulated by others. The EU should use its influence then to help global conflict resolution. The EU has proven itself successful in reducing conflicts amongst its members, and I am convinced its experiences can be exported.

All the while, the EU should keep its door open to global talent. It should continue to attract international students who show potential and nurture them with education scholarships. It should also provide opportunities for European talent to study and develop their skills outside the EU.

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