EU-NATO cooperation: a secure vision for Europe

Discussion Paper

Peace, Security & Defence

Friends of Europe’s discussion paper ‘EU-NATO Cooperation: A secure vision for Europe’ explores the evolving relationship between the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) across various areas in security and defence. Co-authored by the masterclass speakers of Friends of Europe’s 2019 Security Summit, this publication reflects on the EU-NATO relationship in key emerging security areas and provides concrete recommendations for a stronger partnership.

Historically seen as a work in progress, the EU-NATO relationship has made important strides in recent years to enhance collaboration in key security areas and fill existing gaps. Both organisations have committed to two joint declarations which cover over 70 areas of cooperation, cementing a partnership that dives into diplomatic engagements, staff-to-staff information sharing and pooling common efforts. In face of emerging and changing threats both across and within Europe’s borders, this discussion paper evaluates whether both the EU and NATO are walking the talk and how lessons learnt can shape future policy actions.

The paper includes different perspectives from a range of authors including: Piret Pernik, Research Fellow at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences; Dorthe Bach Nyemann, Senior Lecturer at the Royal Danish Defence College; Juliette Bird, Head of Counter Terrorism at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO); Lt-Gen.Vincenzo Coppola, Civilian Operations Commander at the European External Action Service (EEAS); and Lucie Beraud-Sudreau, Research Fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

The publication covers five areas of EU-NATO cooperation:

  • Cyber Security
  • Hybrid Threats
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Rapid Response and Crisis Management
  • Defence Spending and Capabilities

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