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#EuropeMatters proposes a renewed European social contract, as the glue binding Europe together for the future and as the basis of bringing members states under a union that can work effectively and have common purpose, enabling it to be better connected to citizens’ needs and concerns.

But renewing a social contract can’t happen without placing citizens at the heart of the process. For this reason, we conducted an independent survey to gain an understanding of what is important to EU citizens and what they think of the purpose and relevance of the European Union. The survey, commissioned by Friends of Europe and conducted by Dalia in September 2018, polled 10,960 citizens. It is representative and weighted according to country populations, covering all member states, therefore being a representative sample of citizen views across the EU.

Launched during the 15th edition of our annual State of Europe roundtable on 11 October 2018, we are excited to share the results of this citizen survey and bring them forward to our high-level stakeholders to reflect on how citizens actually feel about Europe. For some of the results, please see below.

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