2012 Security Jam

Peace, Security & Defence

If the period between the 2010 and 2012 Security Jams is an example of the security landscape in the years to come, then defence and security organisations around the world will have an ample number of situations to deal with.

These will be further complicated by the broad ranging austerity measures that leave almost no defence organisation untouched. Government spending is clearly ‘under the gun’ and this will impact organisations’ ability to deal with these security situations.

Just like companies cannot just cost cut their way to competitiveness and growth, defence organisations can not cost cut their way to more security and safety. It will require different and smarter ways to deal with both cost reductions and investments. The EU´s Pooling and Sharing initiative and NATO´s Smart Defence concept both aim to address these smarter approaches of dealing with security.
It is against this backdrop that the Security Jam brought a wide variety of stakeholders together from 116 countries to discuss security matters and to develop concrete ideas. This year’s Security Jam has yet again proven to be an inclusive dialogue with actionable outcomes.

The new Jam platform leverages the approach that is common to the social media and helps to bring creative minds and organisations together in a network, facilitated by deep subject matter expertise. It is the power of these networks that can have a significant impact, but the real impact will ultimately depend on the leadership and courage to take the outcomes of the Jam and to turn them into actions for a better, safer, and more secure planet for all.

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