Shifting investor preferences and de-risking sustainable investment

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Shifting investor preferences and de-risking sustainable investment


The efforts by European policymakers to stimulate public and private investments for the transition to a climate-neutral future have been prominent during the current EU mandate. However, the additional investment needed to reach the objectives of the European Green Deal will be substantial. The European Commission expects to mobilise at least €1tn of sustainable investment, and the scaling up of public and private investment will be crucial to the attainment of this goal.

It is widely accepted that a reliable and robust policy framework, strengthened by such measures as the EU Taxonomy Regulation and its complementary delegated Acts, is essential in order to incentivise investors and to de-risk investment in sustainable projects. While a clear direction of regulatory travel is necessary for investor confidence, alone it is not sufficient.

This roundtable discussion was the second engagement of a project on sustainable finance, organised in partnership with the Laudes Foundation, and occurred as a bespoke parallel session during our annual flagship event, State of Europe – the festival of politics and ideas.

This meeting was an opportunity to craft new solutions to shift investor preferences and de-risk sustainable financial flows.

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Shifting investor preferences and de-risking sustainable investment
Expand Shifting investor preferences and de-risking sustainable investment

Questions include:

  • In the current economic landscape, how can the paradigm shift to a more sustainable financial system be supported?
  • How can improved disclosure and reporting practices impact an investor’s risk assessment?
  • What role should policymakers play in steering investor preferences towards certain industries in the sustainable economy?
  • Does the EU’s sustainable finance framework adequately address the need for major investment in energy infrastructure and buildings?
  • Is the Just Transition Mechanism a sufficient tool to address the challenge of inequality with respect to sustainable investment flows?
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