New energy market design: Fit for consumers and decarbonisation

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Climate, Energy & Sustainability
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Electricity from renewables has become a key source of electricity, helping to underpin the transition to a low-carbon economy. But this shift towards decentralised production requires changes within the existing energy system, offering more production flexibility and allowing consumers to have better control over their energy use through digital technologies.

This What the Chiefs Say event with Florian Ermacora, European Commission Head of Unit, Wholesale Markets: Electricity & Gas offers Friends of Europe members the opportunity to discuss whether the European Commission’s electricity market plans will help complete the European internal energy market and lead to its real transformation.

Will the ‘Market Design Initiative’ contribute to greater efficiency, security of supply, and more development of renewables? And will it offers signals that encourage and unlock the necessary investment?

About What the Chiefs Say: This exclusive series of events brings together small groups of our senior-level members to discuss topical issues with a key decision-maker. These roundtable conversations will feature influential figures from international institutions, parliaments, governments, business, NGOs and the media. In each 60-minute session, members will have a chance to put their questions to those who call the shots. The events are insightful and interactive, tackling the burning issues of the day. Participation is by invitation only.



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