Iran in focus: negotiating the nuclear deal

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Iran in focus: negotiating the nuclear deal


The nuclear issue is vital to Iran’s relations with the West. As President Biden works to bring the United States back into the deal abandoned by his predecessor, the negotiations have reignited questions about the impact and effectiveness of sanctions, Iran’s compliance, and balancing self-interest and compromise. Despite America’s return to the fold, Europe is still left wondering what might happen if future US presidents navigate the country away from the deal once more.

At present, Iran’s apparent political will for negotiation has experts wondering if this might be an opportunity to put other issues on the table, such as regional policy, the Iranian missile programme, domestic policies and human rights issues.
Fundamental now is for Europe and the US to consider how the lessons learned from the nuclear deal can be applied to future negotiations, as well as the next steps for diplomatic relations with Iran and ensuring its compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

This Policy Insight debate will convene policymakers and diplomats from across Europe, the US and the Middle East alongside key stakeholders, civil society and experts to determine the route to continued diplomatic relations and the resilience of the JCPOA.

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Iran in focus: negotiating the nuclear deal Expand Iran in focus: negotiating the nuclear deal
  • Can the European Union, its member states and partners like the United Kingdom resuscitate – or simply maintain – relations with Iran without US support?
  • What are the diplomatic routes available to Europe to avoid over-reliance on the rotating interests of prospective US presidents?


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