Hybrid crisis readiness – A tabletop exercise

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Hybrid Warfare Readiness – A tabletop exercise


With 80-90% of all critical infrastructure owned and operated by the private sector in many Western countries, it is crucially important to ensure public-private cooperation is effective, that communication channels are working and that roles and responsibilities are correctly assigned and understood when faced with hybrid crises.

Following our 2019 tabletop simulation exercise “Hybrid warfare readiness: a tabletop exercise”, Friends of Europe’s will gather senior officials and experts from NATO, the EU, national authorities, the media, and business and members of the public to test their collective responsiveness to a range of credible hybrid threat scenarios and build on to our recommendations on how to improve cooperation among the key actors affected by these kinds of crises.

The exercise will be held behind closed doors and is by invitation only. The outcomes and key recommendations will be widely distributed.

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