Greening finance in the Africa-Europe partnership: a better model for sustainable investments

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Launched this September, the latest series of “Talking Africa-Europe” broadcasts live on a monthly basis with a strategic focus on the centrality of local experience, shifting narratives and looking to cities and city leadership for a strengthened Africa-Europe partnership.

The 2021 ‘Talking Africa-Europe’ dialogues will bring together a host of diverse voices from city mayors, youth representatives, EU and AU Commissioners, as well as civil society and business leaders to open up and deepen the space for discussion on the future of this crucial relationship

“Talking Africa-Europe” builds directly on the pilot series run in 2020, widely acclaimed for its community-building, dynamic format and capacity for facilitating “a different type of conversation” involving international policy-makers, the private sector, civil society networks and young leaders from across the neighbouring continents.

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Greening finance in the Africa-Europe partnership Expand Greening finance in the Africa-Europe partnership

Mobilising capital for sustainable investment is vital to bounce back from the shock of COVID-19 and deliver an economic reboot that is faster, cleaner, fairer and healthier. Public and blended finance, including the $100-billion promise of climate finance made at the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, have an instrumental role to play in addressing the post-pandemic economic recovery. However, Africa and Europe need to mobilise more investments at a country and regional level to make their economies more resilient and encourage recovery from the pandemic.

The two continents need to work together and make sure that the public and private sector contribute to creating decent jobs whilst investing sustainably and understanding that for Africa, investment needs to be seen in a ‘transitional’ timeframe, putting its full emphasis on achieving the SDGs and the 2063 Agenda. For the EU, Green finance represents a key element of its strategy with Africa, as it recently announced that it will develop a comprehensive strategy to help scale-up sustainable finance in low and middle-income countries.

Questions include:

  • In the lead-up to the Africa-Europe summit and post-COP 26, what progress has been made to ensure the EU ramps up its efforts on climate and sustainable finance?
  • How can the international finance community set the terms of reference for what should be considered as a sustainable investment? How can we ensure that Africa is not affected by the EU green taxonomy?
  • Within the framework of the Africa-Europe partnership, what mechanisms for sustainable investments should be put in place to build stronger value chains for decent jobs?


Magdalena Kouneva

Member of the Africa Europe Foundation Strategy Group on Energy and Independent Expert Working on Innovative Climate and Green Finance Instruments

Najma Mohamed

Member of the Africa Europe Foundation Women Leaders Network and Policy Director for the Green Economy Coalition

Teddy Mugabo

CEO of Rwanda's National Fund for Environment (FONERWA)

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Magdalena Kouneva
Magdalena Kouneva

Member of the Africa Europe Foundation Strategy Group on Energy and Independent Expert Working on Innovative Climate and Green Finance Instruments

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With over 15 years of relevant professional experience, Magdalena Kouneva specialises in developing financial instruments and building green capacities. For the last ten years, Kouneva was the UN Development Programme (UNDP) advisor for development finance in Rwanda, Malawi, and Papua New Guinea. More recently, Kouneva has focused her efforts on supporting the European Commission’s European Fund for Sustainable Development. She has helped introduce a new generation of EU guarantees for private sector operations in Africa and EU-neighbouring countries.




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