Digital green industrial policy for Europe

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Digital & Data Governance
Murielle Lorilloux


Enhancing connectivity and digitalisation is a prerequisite for any country’s success in the data-driven world of the 21st century. Despite the efforts of the European Commission, such as the 5G Action Plan or EU Digital Decade goals, Europe still lags behind its global counterparts in 5G connectivity and other digitalisation indicators. On the other hand, the European Union is the world’s key actor in regulating emerging and disruptive technologies, ensuring that the same rights that citizens have offline are also protected online.

This #CriticalThinkingLive will be an opportunity to reflect on how to fill the gap between Europe’s role as the world’s top tech regulator and the continent’s relatively low level of tech innovations and performance in a digital global economy. Digital will play an increasingly essential role in ensuring Europe’s industrial competitiveness and digital sovereignty on the world stage.

This discussion will explore the importance of a digital green industrial policy for Europe, reviving the economy and turbocharging the digital green transition. What should be the key elements of a new approach to access, inclusion, red tape and a whole-of-Europe approach? Getting the right balance between regulation and consistency across the EU to enable a pro-investment and pro-innovation marketplace will determine if digital societies thrive or stagnate.

Friends of Europe is focusing its work on promoting the importance of a Renewed Social Contact for Europe. In the context of unpredictability, and multiple, parallel crises, this will raise questions such as: who can I expect support from when I need it? What support am I expected to give others in return? The role of the private sector in this regard will be essential.

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Digital green industrial policy for Europe
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