The future of connectivity: turbocharging Europe’s competitiveness

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Friends of Europe The future of connectivity: turbocharging Europe’s competitiveness 2023


Through the Connected Europe initiative, Friends of Europe reinforced that the success of Europe’s resilience in the face of future challenges depends on how Europe navigates the digital transition. If we harness the potential of digital technology and connectivity effectively, we can build a greener, successful and more resilient Europe. We are now at a pivotal crossroads in the global landscape of innovation and competitiveness, during a crucial year for European democracy and stability. As Europe progresses towards the green and digital transitions, we need to maintain and reinforce our ability to be competitive in the face of tomorrow’s challenges. The heart of this competitive edge lies in digitalisation, which thrives on robust and secure connectivity.

This policymakers’ dinner invites experts, policymakers and industry leaders to come together and explore the vitality of modern and secure connectivity to Europe’s competitiveness. The event will delve into strategies aimed at strengthening networks, harmonising spectrum policies, fostering a single European telecoms market, incentivising infrastructure development and optimising EU and national partnerships to leverage public and private investment.

As we look to secure prosperity and opportunity for future generations, this dinner debate serves as a rallying point for shaping Europe’s green and digital future.

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The future of connectivity: turbocharging Europe’s competitiveness
Expand The future of connectivity: turbocharging Europe’s competitiveness
  • How can Europe strike a balance between regulatory measures and business incentives to foster innovation and connectivity in the digital era?
  • What are the critical challenges in harmonising connectivity policies to enable the future of the telecoms sector – looking ahead at the EU Commission’s roadmap towards the Digital Networks Act – and how can these obstacles be overcome?
  • What are the key benefits and potential roadblocks in creating a unified connectivity landscape under a single European digital market, and how can they be addressed?
  • How can member states maximise collaboration with the private sector to incentivise investment in digitalisation and connectivity using public and private funding mechanism?
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Kim Jørgensen
Kim Jørgensen

Director General and Permanent Representative of the European Investment Bank to the EU institutions 

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Kim Jørgensen currently holds the position of Director General and Permanent Representative of the European Investment Bank to the EU institutions in Brussels. Previously, he worked at the European Commission where he was Head of Cabinet to Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager. Jørgensen has held various positions within the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served as Denmark’s Ambassador to Turkey and Permanent Representative of Denmark to the EU. He also spent two years as State Secretary for Foreign Policy at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alin Mituța

Lead negotiator on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act at the European Parliament

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Prior to his current role as lead negotiator on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act at the European Parliament, Alin Mituța was also Renew Europe’s rapporteur on other important files such as the Data Act and the European Digital Identity Framework, playing a central role in shaping Europe’s legislative framework in the digital and telecommunication areas. Before his tenure as MEP, he served as secretary of state and chief of staff to the Romanian Prime Minister and held various roles in the European Union’s institutions. Mituța also co-founded two major and highly influential civic platforms in Romania, RO100 and Europuls and is also a co-founder of the centrist REPER party.


Anita Orban
Anita Orbán

Director of Public Affairs & ESG at Vodafone Group

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Dr Anita Orbán is the Director of Public Affairs at Vodafone Group, prior to which she served as the external affairs director of Vodafone Hungary and vice-chairwoman of its board. She is the former vice-president for international affairs at Tellurian LNG. Orbán has also worked as the chief advisor for Cheniere Marketing Ltd, Hungarian ambassador-at-large for energy security of Hungary, as well as the director of the Constellation Energy Institute, a think tank that facilitates cooperation in the central-eastern European energy sector. The author of “Power, Energy and the New Russian Imperialism”, she is recognised as one of the most influential female business leaders by Forbes Hungary and the recipient of the Woman Executive of the Year in Energy Award. She is also a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Board of Globsec and Co-Founder of the Women in Technology Association.



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