Debating Security Plus in Rabat: High level seminar on migration

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Debating Security Plus in Rabat: High level seminar on migration


Friends of Europe is delighted to be partnering with the OCP Policy Center for the local launch of the 2018 Debating Security Plus (DS+) report in Rabat, Morocco.

DS+ is a unique global online brainstorm which gathers over a thousand of participants from the world of peace, security and defence—and beyond—to develop sustainable solutions to some of the biggest security problems facing the world today. Its report sets out 10 top recommendations addressing practical policy goals and shifts in security thinking, underpinned by a realistic roadmap for implementation.

The one-day seminar will focus on the 4th recommendation of the DS+ report, which advises to “expand regular migration corridors”. Jamie Shea, Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe, will be speaking at the high-level seminar.

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High-level seminar on “Migration: Reconciling North and South Visions”
Expand High-level seminar on “Migration: Reconciling North and South Visions”

Migration has emerged as a central theme on the international policy agenda over the past decade. On the one hand, the arrival in 2015 of thousands of migrants, mainly from the Middle East but also from Africa, has caused an unprecedented crisis in relations between the Member States of the European Union. On the other hand, African countries have expressed, during the recent Summit of the African Union, their willingness to develop a common African vision on Migration, which materialized in the creation of the African Observatory on Migration, to be headquartered in Morocco.



Photo of Jamie Shea
Jamie Shea

Senior Fellow for Peace, Security and Defence at Friends of Europe, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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Retiring from NATO in September 2018 after 38 years at the organisation, Jamie Shea has occupied a number of senior positions at NATO across a wide range of areas, including external relations, press and media, and policy planning. As NATO’s spokesperson, he was the face of the alliance during the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts. He later worked as the director of policy planning in the private office of former secretary general Rasmussen during the preparation of NATO’s 2010 Strategic Concept. Shea is also a regular lecturer and conference speaker on NATO and European security affairs.



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