Debating Security Plus in London: expand regular migration corridors

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Debating Security Plus in London: expand regular migration corridors


Friends of Europe is delighted to be partnering with the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy for the local launch of the 2018 Debating Security Plus (DS+) report in London, United Kingdom, during the event ‘A Feminist Approach to Post-Brexit Migration’.

DS+ is a unique global online brainstorm which gathers a community of experts from the world of peace, security and defence to develop sustainable solutions to some of the biggest security problems facing the world today. Its 2018 report sets out 10 top recommendations addressing practical policy goals and shifts in security thinking, underpinned by a realistic roadmap for implementation.

A Feminist Approach to Post-Brexit Migration will set out a panel discussion based on the 2018 DS+ recommendation on expanding regular migration corridors.

2018 recommendations and executive summary

2018 Debating Security Plus report



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Exploring a Feminist Approach to Migration in a Brexit World
Expand Exploring a Feminist Approach to Migration in a Brexit World

In alignment with Debating Security Plus’s recommendation to expand regular migration corridors, CFFP and Friends of Europe are coming together to discuss how migration is a phenomenon of human mobility that is inevitable and unstoppable, and we need thoughtful, people-centred policies which are not rooted in repression of migration. Greater attention should be focused on the causes of migration and displacement, looking at conflict prevention and resolution as well as the impact of climate change. Indefinite detention in the UK must end, and new ways of working with the EU to support asylum seekers and refugees prioritized.

Please join the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy and the Friends of Europe for the local launch of the 2018 Debating Security Plus (DS+) report in London. The event will explore the report’s recommendation on migration pathways, and why a feminist approach to migration and foreign policy is critical to ensure that both the UK and EU work together toward developing post-Brexit immigration policies which prioritize human rights.

The UK Government published its White Paper on immigration in December 2018 to outline post-Brexit immigration policy in “the biggest shake-up of immigration policy for 40 years.” As much of the Leave Campaign’s platform drew on racist, anti-immigration rhetoric, Brexit policies are so too anchored in a desire to control and exclude the ‘Other’, rooted in a fear that open borders are harmful to the UK’s national security. In a Brexit world lead by a Prime Minister who has notoriously championed harsh migration and asylum policies, the UK’s relationship with the EU, both of which are still managing the ongoing refugee crisis, will shift in many ways. And critically, UK migration policy risks backsliding in a manner that will perpetuate the violent structures which cause displacement and mass migration in the first place.


Pragna Patel

founding member of the Southall Black Sisters and Women Against Fundamentalism

Amanda Rohde-Stadler

Head of Programme Performance & Operations at Friends of Europe

Mandu Reid

Women's Equality Party Leader

End of debate. Drinks and appetizers served.


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