Africa Europe Strategy Group on Agriculture – Inception Meeting

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Africa Europe Strategy Group on Agriculture – Inception Meeting


Friends of Europe and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, together with a consortium of partners, are launching an independent, multi-stakeholder forum on Africa-Europe relations and Strategy Groups in priority domains of the Africa-EU partnership. The overarching aim: to build a new foundation for EU-Africa relations in the face of an ongoing climate emergency and for the post-Corona reality.

The Strategy Groups bring together leaders and representatives from policymaking, civil society, business and the youth sector and cover five priority sectors: Health, Agriculture, Energy, Transport and Digital. Climate and the green agenda, youth leadership, education, gender, mobility and the involvement of SMEs will serve as cross-cutting themes.

Marking key moments in the “Africa Europe Days” calendar the inaugural scoping meetings for the Africa Europe Strategy Groups present the first opportunity for members of the Groups to come together and set out a common vision for their work over the coming years.

This event is exclusively for members of the Africa Europe Strategy Groups.

Our events include photos, audio and video recording that we might use for promotional purposes. By registering, you give your permission to use your image. Should you have any questions, please contact us.



Agriculture Strategy Group– Inception Meeting Expand Agriculture Strategy Group– Inception Meeting

The inaugural scoping meeting for the Africa Europe Strategic Strategy Group on Sustainable Agriculture, introduced by co-chairs Ousmane Badiane and Ingrid Wünning.

*This is an internal meeting for permanent members.



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