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The alternatives to freedom of movement
13 Mar 2017
Around ten seats could swing based on young people’s votes
10 Mar 2017
We need a shift in thinking to understand that security starts from within
8 Mar 2017
No country can get ahead if it leaves half its people behind
The desire to close borders overlooks the notion that today’s terrorists are mostly homegrown
Growing political polarisation leads to more abusive language in politics
28 Feb 2017
The Dutch are in the midst of a severe identity crisis
21 Feb 2017
Cementing a legacy as one of the country's great leaders
14 Feb 2017
Science needs to become accessible for everyone
10 Feb 2017
The end is in sight, but we must hasten its demise
Digital flows now outweigh goods flows
3 Feb 2017
In light fidelity we have found a resource equivalent to mineral oil
2 Feb 2017
We have to pay more attention to the peaceful uses of outer space
Private business can provide much-needed creativity
How should Europe’s digital skills, labour market and regulatory framework evolve?
We need a decentralised and consumer-focused approach
17 Jan 2017
At its most dangerous, it can turn into Orwellian newspeak
13 Jan 2017
Second thoughts will come, and they will change the face of British politics
10 Jan 2017
Eight ideas to address a long-standing issue
Acknowledging differences - whether cultural, linguistic or religious – is important
21 Dec 2016