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Brussels, 20 September 2023 – In the run-up to next year’s European elections, citizens from seven European countries aged 18 to 40 are invited to share their views on global issues that affect their daily lives. Debating Europe is launching the initiative ‘2024 Voices – Citizens Speak Up!’ in seven European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain and Sweden) as part of its goal of defining a Renewed Social Contract between citizens, public institutions and the private sector by 2030. By encouraging people to play a greater role in the strategic decisions that affect their lives, Debating Europe aims to rebalance the relationship between political institutions and citizens.

Registrations to participate in the focus groups remain open until 24 September for all countries except Belgium, where they will remain open until 8 October. Citizens are invited to participate in an online conversation on one of four topics: climate, security, economy and democracy. During these sessions, Debating Europe wants to create a safe space for citizens to express themselves in their own language on issues that directly or indirectly impact their lives. The registration form can be accessed on Debating Europe website.

Participants do not need to be experts on the topic and there are no right or wrong answers. The sessions will take place online for one hour in the early morning, during lunch break or in the evening between late September and mid-October. Each participant will be rewarded with a 20EUR voucher or can choose to donate this amount to a designated charity.

The insights gathered during this initiative from 2,024 citizens will be published in early 2024 and will become the foundation for a series of citizen-led panel debates held before and after the European elections.

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Debating Europe is Friends of Europe’s citizen engagement unit that aims to contribute to reimagining a democracy fit for the 21st century.
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