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Funky Friday – How to mobilise citizens for a conscious vote in the European elections? The role of European networks

Join the Funky Friday session on the 26th of April at 15:30 to find out about ongoing campaigns, compare different local perspectives and get fresh motivation for mobilising in the run-up to the European elections! Representatives from SOLIDAR, VOLT, ALDA and Democracy 4.0 will spark ideas for an engaging and interactive debate with participants on how to build upon different local realities to mobilise in European-wide campaigns.

Registrations at 15:30. Session starts at 16:00 and ends at 17:30.

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Presentation of the activity and ice-breaker
Bazar Expand Bazar

The ice-breaker will be followed by a “Bazar”. During the Bazar, participants will be asked to put pen to paper and design a poster that reflects the reality of their communities and what the EU elections mean to members of those communities. Co-organisers may prepare their posters in advance.

Once the drafting session is over, participants and co-organisers will be encouraged to go around the room and see what others have created.

Short presentations Expand Short presentations

Co-organisers will be asked to give short presentations on the campaigns that they are running, explaining how their organisations are helping to mobilise citizens in the run up to the European elections.

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