Health Innovation Summit – reimagining health systems: green, agile and citizen-centred

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Health innovation summit: Reimagining health systems: green, agile, and citizen centred


Friends of Europe’s 2022 health summit will showcase the innovations creating health systems and services that are green, agile and citizen-centred – ready for the future.

Through a mix of debates, pitches and presentations, we will consider the future by examining three key shifts: changes in the role of individuals in health; the green transition; and demographic change in an ageing Europe.

The pandemic led to unexpected collaborations, innovations and changes to the way health systems work. How can Europe maintain the spirit of social, technological and policy innovation to answer citizens’ demands on health?

Join us to discuss:

  • What does it mean for citizens to play a bigger role in health? How will it shape treatment and what does it mean for research?
  • How will the green transition and climate change affect health? Can the health sector be a climate leader?
  • How can health and long-term care systems work better together? What are the innovations that will help us age healthily?

The summit will bring together an exciting mix of international, European, national and local policymakers, civil society, patient representatives, industry and members of the international press from Europe and beyond.

This event will take place in person in Brussels and will also be available to a wider audience via livestream. Follow us on TwitterLinkedInInstagram or Facebook, and join the #FoEDebate!

Our events include photos, audio and video recording that we might use for promotional purposes. By registering, you give your permission to use your image. Should you have any questions, please contact us.



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