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Nicolas Schmit


Friends of Europe and its citizen-engagement unit Debating Europe are proud to announce a debate in the lead up to the European elections with Nicolas Schmit, the Common Candidate from the Party of European Socialists (PES) for the Presidency of the European Commission.

This discussion is part of a series of engagements organised by Friends of Europe with senior representatives from the European political parties ahead of the European elections. The event is an opportunity for stakeholders from the private, public, and civil society sectors to engage in a forward-looking conversation with Common Candidate Nicolas Schmit about what the next European Parliament and Commission should focus their mandate on.

We believe it should be on delivering a Renewed Social Contract, which rethinks the ways in which citizens, the private sector, civil society and public institutions interact for public good.

Friends of Europe captured the need for a Renewed Social Contract in the form of 10 policy choices for a Renewed Social Contract for Europesupported by findings from focus groups and surveys with 2,024 citizens in 7 European countries, the outcomes of which are captured in Debating Europe’s 2024 Voices – Citizens Speak Up! Report.

The discussion will touch upon some of the following guiding themes –

  • Democratic engagement: as many Europeans feel disconnected from the political process, what initiatives will you introduce to increase citizens’ participation and trust in democracy?
  • Economic recovery and sustainability: with a vulnerable and precarious European economy what concrete measures will you take to stimulate growth while ensuring the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economic model that leaves no one behind?
  • Digital transition: How do you plan to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all European citizens and businesses can benefit from digital transformation and the opportunities it brings?
  • EU security and defence: what is your vision for the future of EU’s defence and security policy?
  • Labour market and skills: facing a workforce crisis and skill shortages, what policies will you implement to attract talent, promote skill development, and ensure that the EU’s labour market is prepared for the future?

This in-person event will offer a diverse audience the opportunity to get to the heart of a set of specific policy issues with a senior decision-maker, identifying the possible challenges in the EU’s own agenda and how they may affect Europe in the years to come.

This event will take place in Brussels and will be available to a wider audience via livestream. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, and join the #Voices4Choices conversation!



In Conversation With Nicolas Schmit


Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit

Party of European Socialists (PES) Common Candidate

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Nicolas Schmit is a Luxembourgish politician and diplomat, who has been instrumental in fostering Europe’s social dimension in his position as European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights. An economist by training, he is a former member of the European Parliament and previously served as the Luxembourgish minister of labour. He has also held various positions within the Luxembourgish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including as head of the Department of International Economic Relations and Cooperation. Schmit’s final diplomatic posting was as Luxembourg’s permanent representative to the EU.



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