Europe in 2030: Boosting public-private cooperation in hybrid crises

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Peace, Security & Defence
Hybrid Warfare Readiness – A tabletop exercise


Effective policies result from fully-informed answers to the right ‘what-if’ questions. In a world characterized by complex challenges that cross and blur borders, it has never been more vital to make sure these ‘what-if’ questions are asked to the right people, thereby ensuring that all sectors of government and society are prepared to face the wide range of threats affecting our security.

The future challenge of emerging and disruptive technologies and their impact on our shared security requires us to look into the future and ask the right questions to ensure we are prepared for it. By bringing together key stakeholders to work through the implications of these future challenges and our responses to them in crisis situations, we can clarify roles and responsibilities and identify what laws, policies, cooperative mechanisms, and plans we’ll need to have in place to ensure the health and security of our societies. The 2022 edition of Friends of Europe’s tabletop simulation exercise will explore how governments, institutions and the private sector work together in a hybrid threat crisis set in the year 2030.

The exercise will be held behind closed doors and is by invitation only. The outcomes and key recommendations to improve public-private cooperation for an effective response to future hybrid threats will be widely distributed.

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