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Europe-China relations over the past three years were unexpectedly altered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shifting of priorities it represented. Geopolitical tensions throughout Eurasia have, once again, changed the development of the relationship between China and the European Union. With the launch of the latest Chinese Five-Year Plan and the European recovery strategy, both partners have continuously attempted to reinforce their commitment to collaboration. Ultimately, however, bringing this commitment to fruition will depend on Europe and China’s ability to find areas for cooperation in accordance with their similar priorities.

This year, Friends of Europe’s Europe-China Forum will explore the key elements for better cooperation in the global quest for a greener, safer and more connected world.

This discussion is part of our Europe-China Dialogue, which sits within a broader framework of Europe-Asia dialogues that look at the areas of convergence and divergence between Europe and Asia as a whole, from the structural and thematic issues of economics, such as trade and investment, to the concerns of the new decade – connectivity, health, the space race and the climate crisis.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Texco Kwok on Unsplash



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