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Europe at sea


Documentary on Federica Mogherini’s work to steer Europe on a new course

Join The Wake Up Foundation, ARTE, Friends of Europe and the Brussels Press Club for the Brussels Premiere of “Europe At Sea”, the hard hitting documentary on EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini’s work to steer Europe on a new course, on Friday 9 March at 18:00 in Brussels.

The Brussels premiere of the film at the Bozar will be followed by a brief panel discussion and Q&A with the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policies Federica Mogherini, the film’s director and producer Annalisa Piras and moderated by Friends of Europe’s Shada Islam.

Produced by Arte Geie and SVT, by award winning film-maker Annalisa Piras, two years in the making, this extraordinary documentary has gained exclusive access for the first time to the work of the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy at a pivotal moment in time, when Europe is confronted by a changing geopolitical landscape and pressing migration and security challenges. Embedded in the much under-covered EU military and civilian missions in the Southern Mediterranean Sea and in Niger the film-makers reveal the background to Europe’s response to mounting, multifaceted crisis. Forbes recently declared Federica Mogherini to be the fifth most powerful woman in politics in the world in 2017, but does she have the means to make a difference?

Buy your ticket to the Brussels premiere here.

“EUROPE AT SEA” from Annalisa Piras – Springshot Prod on Vimeo.




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