Beyond (carbon) borders: externalising the Green Deal

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Beyond (carbon) borders: externalising the Green Deal


The post-pandemic world will need more than a recovery. As rebuilding the global economy gets underway, it’s important to work towards a sustainable economic transformation, using the moment to speed up investments towards a green transition in both industrialised countries and in emerging nations. Europe is looking to an updated Green Deal as it seeks to fulfil its three-decade plan to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. In a world grappling with the economic fall-out of the pandemic, the EU’s planned budgetary reallocation of almost €1tn over 10 years will have a significant impact beyond its borders. Achieving global climate targets also requires that the EU works with key partners, helping them to achieve established the goals and encouraging a green recovery.

The climate emergency is a key topic in current Europe-Africa discussions on forging a new partnership and is equally important in Europe-Asia relations. Issues to consider include the global implication of the EU’s Green Deal especially on trade and investments in sustainable energy and agriculture. Current discussions in Europe on introducing a carbon tax for instance may be seen as a way of protecting European industry, such as steel makers or cement producers from outside competition. Plans under consideration for restricting imports of palm oil have also become a major sticking point in EU relations with many partners, including Southeast Asian countries. Governments across the world, meanwhile, are also under increasing pressure from young people, environmentalists, and ‘green’ parties to move quickly to tackle the climate crisis.
This online workshop is by invitation only and will bring together a small group of experts to exchange views on the issues.

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Beyond (carbon) borders: externalising the Green Deal
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