Annual peace, security and defence summit

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Peace, Security & Defence
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Annual peace, security and defence summit


Bringing together senior decision-makers with out-of-the-box movers and shakers, this annual summit will allow for an in-depth and innovative discussion on today’s most pressing security and defence issues.

The summit will bring together up to 200 senior stakeholders from the world of European and transatlantic security and defence to debate fresh ideas and stimulate new thinking on how to reshape peace, security and defence matters in a non-traditional conference culture.

Set amidst the European and global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and the return of great power competition, the summit will focus on ongoing transnational challenges, including the next steps in the EU’s security and defence evolution, as well as the transatlantic security partnership. Through a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach covering both NATO and EU peace security and defence policies, the summit will remain result-oriented, focusing ultimately on practical recommendations.

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