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15 Sep 2017
13 Sep 2017
6 Sep 2017
Europe's World Issue 34
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Energy Union and Nord Stream 2
19 Jul 2016
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Climate change

"Is there a way to prevent its burst?"

13 Sep 2017
Frankly Speaking

"Shocks happen, we are shaken – and then we bounce back"

31 Aug 2017
Digital policy

"Don’t try to reinvent the wheel ‒ use the solutions Estonia has already tested"

31 Aug 2017
Future of Europe

"There is no point in governing an organisation of democratic states in an undemocratic manner"


"The London tower block fire revealed severe inequalities in accessing a decent and affordable home"

23 Aug 2017

"The EU-China relationship is in troubled waters - it's time to look behind the smiles of summit leaders"

Frankly Speaking

"Europeans are being forced to reconsider security assumptions that have long gone unchallenged"