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15 Sep 2017
13 Sep 2017
6 Sep 2017
Europe's World Issue 34
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In the fragmented world of the Dutch party politics, there is no safe space
5 Apr 2017
National reforms need to go hand in hand with European reforms
4 Apr 2017
Does Britain's Foreign Secretary offer a fresh start?
4 Apr 2017
Europe needs to think realistically about how we enhance migrants' time on the continent
This is no time for Europe to rest on its laurels
24 Mar 2017
Income growth does not provide a complete picture
20 Mar 2017
The alternatives to freedom of movement
13 Mar 2017
Around ten seats could swing based on young people’s votes
10 Mar 2017
We need a shift in thinking to understand that security starts from within
8 Mar 2017
No country can get ahead if it leaves half its people behind
7 Mar 2017
The desire to close borders overlooks the notion that today’s terrorists are mostly homegrown
2 Mar 2017
Growing political polarisation leads to more abusive language in politics
28 Feb 2017
The Dutch are in the midst of a severe identity crisis
21 Feb 2017
Cementing a legacy as one of the country's great leaders
14 Feb 2017
Science needs to become accessible for everyone
10 Feb 2017
The end is in sight, but we must hasten its demise
6 Feb 2017
Digital flows now outweigh goods flows
3 Feb 2017
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13 Sep 2017
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"Shocks happen, we are shaken – and then we bounce back"

31 Aug 2017
Digital policy

"Don’t try to reinvent the wheel ‒ use the solutions Estonia has already tested"

31 Aug 2017
Future of Europe

"There is no point in governing an organisation of democratic states in an undemocratic manner"


"The London tower block fire revealed severe inequalities in accessing a decent and affordable home"

23 Aug 2017

"The EU-China relationship is in troubled waters - it's time to look behind the smiles of summit leaders"

Frankly Speaking

"Europeans are being forced to reconsider security assumptions that have long gone unchallenged"