#EuropeMatters is a 12-month project bringing together business leaders, policymakers, civil society representatives and citizens to co-design a Europe that still matters in 2030. This exercise takes place at a crucial moment: 2019 will see the election of a new European Parliament and the arrival of a new college of Commissioners. #EuropeMatters will put forward a set of concrete recommendations for the incoming EU leadership. 

We will set out different scenarios for Europe in 2030, based on policy choices that Europe faces today. The scenarios will rely on input from a vast network of experts and key influencers from diverse fields. Citizens’ will be consulted through our Debating Europe citizens’ platform with over 3.5 million unique users and a dedicated survey, the results of which will be disclosed at the State of Europe high-level roundtable on 11 October.  Hard data and figures will be provided by the McKinsey Global Institute.

This combined set of data, expertise and statistics will be used to set up scenarios designed to spark a discussion on Europe’s future. The scenarios will focus on a set of key issues: aging population; disruptive technologies, notably digitization and AI; the rise of emerging markets and their impact on the competitiveness of EU businesses; migration and urban concentration; resource depletion and climate change; and the return of geopolitics – trade wars and tax competition.

The scenarios will guide our discussions at the State of Europe roundtable where we will gather the collective intelligence of participants to co-produce the policy recommendations. The 15th edition of our annual flagship roundtable will serve as a key milestone for the #EuropeMatters project, gathering sitting and former (prime) ministers, CEOs, NGO leaders, European Commissioners, members of Parliaments, influencers, top journalists and European Young Leaders, in an interactive, inclusive and fast-paced brainstorm.

We will launch a report in January 2019, containing a call to action ahead of the European elections and our collectively crafted policy recommendations for the incoming European leadership. We’ll then engage the results with Europe’s key political actors throughout the run up to the European Parliament elections, as well as with the new College of Commissioners. 

Our objective is simple – to mobilise a coalition of the willing united by their belief that #EuropeMatters and to together ensure that Europe is better prepared to take strategic action to align the future we face with the future we want.


In January 2019, the European Parliament launched a Citizens App. Through its promise to greater integrate citizens in the decision-making process, the app fulfils one of the demands expressed in the results of our recent #EuropeMatters citizens survey. Download it here for Android and Apple

How do we make citizens matter?
- 14:00
15th edition of State of Europe - #EuropeMatters
- 18:00
A ‘Conversation with’ Vera Jourova, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality
- 19:00