27 November 2017 - 18:00 - 19:00
Shada Islam, Mauro Petriccione

This event will explore how EU trade policy is adapting to and being reshaped by a new disorderly world order; the impact of anti-globalisation European public sentiment on efforts to liberalise bilateral and region-to-region trade flows; and the implications of a focus on bilateral and regional deals for the multilateral trading system represented by the WTO.

The event is part of our What the Chiefs Say series. This exclusive series of events brings together small groups of our senior-level members to discuss topical issues with a key decision-maker. These roundtable conversations will feature influential figures from international institutions, parliaments, governments, business, NGOs and the media. In each 60-minute session, members will have a chance to put their questions to those who call the shots. The events are insightful and interactive, tackling the burning issues of the day. Participation is by invitation only.

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18.00 - 19.00

With protectionist pressures on the rise across the world, the EU is putting renewed efforts to conclude negotiations on long-standing trade deals, as seen with the landmark political agreement on a free trade pact with Japan, and the decision to clinch new accords to liberalise bilateral and region-to-region trade flows, including with Mercosur, India, Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN. Difficulties still remain, particularly on convincing a sceptical and largely anti-globalisation European public of the positive outcomes of trade liberalisation. There are also concerns that a focus on bilateral and regional deals will further erode and fragment the multilateral trading system represented by the WTO.

  • How is the EU adapting its trade negotiations and policies to a changing world order?
  • What is being done to ease public concerns about the negative impact of free trade and globalisation?
  • Why is the EU seeking stronger vetting of foreign investments when it needs more financial resources especially to create new jobs?

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Shada Islam
Director Europe & Geopolitics
Shada Islam is responsible for policy oversight of Friends of Europe’s initiatives, activities and publications. She has special responsibility for issues related to the Future of Europe, Migration, the Asia Programme and the Development Policy Forum. Shada is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe (Natolin) where she teaches Asia-Europe relations and has been selected as a fellow by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). She has been named as one of twenty most influential women in Brussels by Politico. Shada is the former Europe correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review and has previously worked on Asian and Migration issues at the European Policy Centre. She is one of the authors of Friends of Europe’s much-read “Frankly Speaking” commentary and is sought after as a speaker, commentator, columnist and moderator at high-level European and global events. Shada also continues to write on EU foreign and security policy, EU-Asia relations and trade and development issues for leading Asian, European and international publications and academic journals.
Mauro Petriccione
European Commission Deputy Director General for Trade
Mauro Petriccione is European Commission Deputy Director General  for Trade. He has served as Chief Negotiator for the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA); the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement; and the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. In his current role he deals with Services and Investment, Intellectual Property, Public Procurement, Asia and Latin America, Sustainable Development, Economic Partnership Agreements, Agri-food and Fisheries. He has worked in trade policy since 1987, covering a wide range of activities and negotiations: from trade defence to standards, investment, competition, WTO, dispute settlement, and relations with Member States and European Institutions.
Natasha Ibbotson, Senior Programme Manager
Tel: +32 2 893 98 24
Email: natasha.ibbotson@friendsofeurope.org

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