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Heads of State recently reiterated the importance of sustaining effort in refocusing and reinvigorating the European Union’s industrial policy in order to better contend with international stakeholders. In its conclusion from the 21-22 March Summit, the Council underlined the need to build a strong economic base for Europe’s prosperity and competitiveness. It called on the European Commission to draft strategies to strengthen and deepen the single market, industrial policy and digital policy. 

In light of this, Friends of Europe is offering its members a series of exclusive, off the record, roundtable debates with key policymakers, hence providing an opportunity to directly share their insights and expertise. The product of these roundtable exchanges will be a series of recommendations which will be shared with the new EU mandate in the aim to better shape the EU’s future industrial strategy in accordance with the needs of the different stakeholders.

As part of our ‘What the Chiefs Say’ series, these events will cover wide-ranging aspects of European industrial policy. Members are invited to engage directly with a key policy or decision maker for a lively peer to peer discussion of one hour. 

The ‘What the Chief Say’ series (WTCS) conversations are held under Chatham House rules. The speaker gives a short, 10-minute introduction to the topic under discussion, after which the floor is open to any possible comments or questions which may be posed to the speaker for the remaining 50 minutes. The idea is to gather recommendations after each of these WTCS.


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