European Defence Studies


European Defence Studies


Friends of Europe’s series on European defence cooperation is authored by our Senior Fellow and Politico Europe-at-large columnist, Paul Taylor. The series brings together influential voices that contribute views from the capitals on current security challenges and strategic developments in Europe and beyond.

With our European defence cooperation series, we aim to contribute to the overall debate on international security developments and offer a country specific in-depth analysis with interesting insights and specific recommendations, relevant to high-profile and senior decision-makers as well as thought-leaders from around the world.

The studies build on extensive interviews with national policy officials, senior NATO and EU officials, politicians and past and present military and intelligence chiefs, lawmakers, defence industry executives, diplomats, strategists and think-tank experts, as well as specially commissioned surveys. Each publication examines the strategic position, relevant defence relationships and diplomatic alliances, the role and current state of national armed forces, and the place of its defence industries. Furthermore, they include proposals and recommendations for the EU, the future development of strategic security relations and the respective national security and defence policies.

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