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23 May 2019
It’s in the open. Clear and almost official: Donald Trump’s America is in a ‘clash of civilisations’ with Iran, China and – wait for it - the World Trade Organization.
21 May 2019
The world's oceans are drowning in plastics. We met with high-level public officials and private sector leaders on 14 Mayto discuss how the EU lead the way towards a solution of this pressing issue.
21 May 2019
‘Vision for Europe’ provides 10 recommendations to reform the European Union

A new political cycle is about to be triggered. The policy choices made by the new EU mandate following the European Parliament elections will impact the next 10 years or more.

7 May 2019
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Water as a tool for peace and sustainable development
19 Apr 2019
Beyond financial flows to bankable products
11 Apr 2019
'Agenda 2030’ should be ‘Gender 2030’
11 Apr 2019